About PhD Building


For 30 years, clients have trusted us to build their dream, eco-friendly homes. Our high-quality, beautiful homes follow the Passive House standard principle, which means that our work includes some of the greenest, most energy-efficient residential buildings in New Zealand. Not only do we build first-class single-family homes, but we also build premium, eco-friendly multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Our homes are efficient, modern, and environmentally friendly, all while still being cozy, charming, and warm. Our homes are built to last — we’re in the business of creating “forever homes” on time and budget.

We know that trusting a company to build your family home or your next investment property is a big deal. That’s why we’re committed to client satisfaction — no matter if your next project is a cozy cottage or a high-end, multi-million-dollar project. 


With over 30 years of experience, we’re one of the most committed and reliable environmentally conscious construction companies in NZ. Unlike many, our building methodologies and products contribute to our high ratings for both the Passive House standards and the Green Star (NZGBC) standards. That means our buildings are some of the greenest around!

We balance high-quality materials with our clients’ needs. This makes creating your dream residential home possible. We create beautiful homes that are warm, cost-effective, and meet the Passive House Standards. We have access to the best materials directly from manufacturers, elevating our homes’ designs while keeping costs down.

We can take clients’ concepts and adapt them to green standards. For clients looking to build their dream homes, we can help every step of the way — from design to management and construction. 

We pair our client’s desires with the best energy-efficient standards.

If you want an eco-conscious house that doesn’t sacrifice any charm, choose PhD Building. 

For clients looking for a partner for commercial construction ventures, we offer our team of designers, engineers, and consultants, to ensure that all aspects of the project are successful. Our thorough knowledge makes our construction methodology fast, cost-effective, and quality assured. 

All our commercial buildings meet the Green Star (NZGBC) standards, giving them a trusted verification that future tenants will love. 

If you want beautiful buildings with eco-friendly charm on time and within budget, choose PhD Building for your next multi-residential and commercial construction project.


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