Why Nudura?

Because we can!! We want to be a catalyst in making the thermal performance and durability of NZ housing the key drivers for home builders. Ahead of kitchen appliances and colour choices.

Because these levels of performance are completely achievable with traditional forms of construction, just not as easily as using PhD building products! Because all New Zealanders deserve to live in warm dry homes that last for many generations.

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Nudura Range


Speed up the building process, reduce waste, and deliver architectural impact with our patented ICFs that offer ease of installation and ensure your project meets design requirements.


Enjoy design versatility and lower labor costs with ICFs that enable you to build unique the industry’s first multi-link form that allows users to create a variety of custom multi-sided form combinations.


Maximize energy efficiency with insulation products that work together with our ICFs to improve your structure’s performance. Easy installation perfect for DIYer.


Further reduce heating and cooling costs with our Plus+ Series of ICFs that feature more insulation than our standard forms and can achieve R-values as high as R-48.


HOMEGA® is easy-to-use insulation for insulating basement walls, interior or exterior block walls, and can be used for residential ceiling applications. Installation is fast and effortless, compared to conventional multi-step finishing methods.


The XR35 has been created with a higher R-Value due to its 4” (102mm) EPS panels. It is available with a 6” (150mm) and 8” (203mm) core as a standard form and a 90° corner form.

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